The Arundel Neighbourhood Plan Steering committee is updating the 2014 Neighbourhood Plan sponsored by the Town Council.


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Here you will find all agendas and minutes of the Arundel Neighbourhood Review meetings and agendas by date.

Future Steering Group Planned Meeting dates:

2 October 2018 - 6pm at the Town Hall - to review informal consultation on policy ideas.

30 October 2018 - 6pm at the Town Hall - to approve the draft Pre-Submission ANP2 

8 January 2019 - 6pm at the Town Hall - to review Reg 14 responses from public and other bodies, then draft Final Submission ANP2

NB -SG meetings are not public meetings, but if any resident would like to find out more or ask a question about the Arundel Neighbourhood Plan Review you can:

1) Contact the Steering Group via the Contact page.

2) Ask a "Public Question" at any Town Council meeting.

Please note that the Chair plans to update the Town Council of the ANP2 progress at every Full Town Council meeting, usually the second Thursday of each month.

Other Key dates/meetings:

30 August 2018 - Launch Informal public consultation on draft ANP2 Policy Ideas.

4 September 2018 - Public Meeting to present draft ANP2 Policy Ideas.

Throughout Sept - other groups to be presented & consulted on draft ANP2 Policy Ideas (e.g. Chamber of Commerce, Youth, Older community etc).

11 October 2018 - Full Council update on progress

8 November 2018 - Full Council to approve Pre-Submission ANP2 before Reg 14 from a public consultation (9 Nov to 21 Dec)

14 February 2019 (or before) - Full Council to approve Final Submission ANP2 before submitting to ADC (for Reg 16 Public Consultation, Examination & ultimately Referendum in July 2019).