The Arundel Neighbourhood Plan Steering committee is updating the 2014 Neighbourhood Plan sponsored by the Town Council.


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LUC Streetscene Project - Town Centre Proposal Visuals

Visual showing proposed new pedestrian route into town centre via Mill Lane from Mill Road car park.

Note traffic goes both ways up/down left hand side of Bank House the up/down the High St (two way flow). 


Delivery and other vehicular access to all areas still allowed across shared space.

NB - Main road turning right to car park, Mill Road, WWT, Black Rabbit etc would b be unaffected. 

Visual showing proposed new pedestrian route into town centre via Mill Lan from Mill Road car park.

Note proposed entrance and exit from car park for vehicles is now where the current exit is, current entrance in this scheme is for pedestrians only.

Visual showing proposed new signage/'events' within the paved shared space areas.

These will indicate trails as well as local heritage/cultural details.

Visual showing proposed new market, community open space on the current downhill side of the High Street.


Allowing for higher number of market stalls, seating areas, open air eating and possible tree planting.


Vehicles move two way on current uphill route.


Paving will help indicate priorities, walking routes and thematic trails.


Note the War Memorial in this proposal has been restored to its original design i.e. without brickwork planter etc.

Visual showing proposal for Crown Yard as a community, artisan, performance space.


Note the new green space and additional trees. Brings a new life to the biggest open space area in the centre of town, providing new opportunities for teenagers and young professionals to engage with their town, and for Arundel to organise events attracting new types of visitors.

Visual showing proposed walking routes from Blackfriars to Tarrant & High Streets via Crown Yard.

Visual showing proposed circular walking route from new car parking area off Fitzalan Road via new foot/cycle bridge to town centre.

Visual showing network of public spaces within the Town Centre.

Visual showing Tarrant Street in detail.




  • Shared space from High Street to Brewery Hill with most car parking retained.

  • Widened pavement from Arun St to School Lane and improved setting to the Victoria Institute.

  • Gradual change between Brewery Hill & Arun St.

  • As existing with car parking retained, with possible tree planting, some amongst parking areas and some with seating at top of Arun St.

Visual showing shared space at junction of High Street and Tarrant St.