The Arundel Neighbourhood Plan Steering committee is updating the 2014 Neighbourhood Plan sponsored by the Town Council.


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LUC Streetscene Project - Green Space Proposals

Visual showing proposed new enhanced and connected green spaces.

Note walking routes to school, town centre and along river.

Visual showing proposed new layout for Maltravers St roundabout when/if A27 Bypass goes ahead and original A27 is de-trunked.

Note new green space next to gas works site, currently a horse field.

NB - this area is highlighted in ANP2 policy ideas as a business hub (see site 9)

Visual showing proposed new green space in Canada Gardens providing:


  1. an 'offline' cycle route out of town

  2. ecological enhancement & habitat creation.

  3. water sensitive design

Visual showing proposed new Canada Road Public Open Space providing:

  1. Improvements to 'lumpy' pitch.

  2. Ecological enhancement

  3. Natural play & mini cycle track

  4. Safe cycling route to ACE school

  5. Change to management regime and tree planting on verges.