The Arundel Neighbourhood Plan Steering committee is updating the 2014 Neighbourhood Plan sponsored by the Town Council.


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ANP2 Informal Consultation

Following approval to commence work on ANP2 by Arundel Town Council in January 2018, the ANP2 Steering Group set about establishing three Task Groups to look at four subject areas 


  1. Social Infrastructure – concluding that Arundel was already a success, and well served in terms of social infrastructure with some exceptions and need for improvements. 

  2. Connectivity – concluding that there remain some ongoing issues surrounding parking and traffic, identifying potential improvements to links in and around Arundel

  3. Economy – concluding that despite Arundel’s distinct market position, there should be a broader offer.

  4. Housing – making some initial observations on the sites that were put forward for consideration. 


In parallel with the consultation above, ATC had commissioned LUC, a firm of land use consultants, supported by a grant from ADC to look at three aspects of Arundel: improving the public realm, enhancing green spaces and connectivity/wayfaring.


The LUC proposals were tested within the ANP2 informal consultation stage to see if any would fit with proposals coming forward for inclusion as policies in the emerging ANP2.


Following this the Streering Group carried out some informal engagement with residents on these policy ideas and proposals in the period to 30 September to gauge support or otherwise for each one. 


A number of comments were received and where possible these have been addressed in the policies of the Neighbourhood Plan, alternatively they have been included in the non-statutory part of the plan for the Town Council to pursue where they are not related to planning matters.


The main theme that emerged from the informal consultation were that there was little support for the majority of the LUC proposals and in turn for potential sites that would contribute to delivering these proposals. Comments were dominated with concern about traffic and the loss of parking in the Town Centre. Other comments were supportive of improving connectivity within and around Arundel and a steer to pursuing certain sites to contribute to housing growth was obtained. 


Click on the buttons below to see the policy ideas, site assessments, Task Group topics & evidence base and the LUC Streetscene Proposals as well as notes from the presentations given and individual comments received - all were considered as part of the informal consultation and taken into account in draft the ANP2 Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan.