The Arundel Neighbourhood Plan Steering committee is updating the 2014 Neighbourhood Plan sponsored by the Town Council.


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Consultation Page

As part of the development of this review of the Arundel Neighbourhood Plan Arundel Town Council consulted formally on the Plan (prepared by the NP Steering Group) formally at the Pre-Submission stage (NPPF Reg14) during November to December 2018.


The feedback from this was used to amend the Plan prior to Submission to Arun District Council (ADC).


ADC then commenced the next stage of formal consultation (Reg16) in July 2019 prior to Examination and finally Referendum.

The buttons below link respectively to the Reg 14 and Reg 16 Consultation pages with further links to the various documents being consulted on. 

Prior to the reg 14 formal consultation in November/December 2018 the Arundel NP Steering Group consulted informally to develop policy ideas for the NP. 


This process started in early 2018 with Task Groups (small focus groups from the community) and ended with an informal consultation in August/September to test emerging policies.

The link below outlines this stage in more detail with further links to site assessments, LUC consultants proposals for the Town, emerging policies and suggested topics for discussion with various evidence documents.