The Arundel Neighbourhood Plan Steering committee is updating the 2014 Neighbourhood Plan sponsored by the Town Council.


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Initial Site Assessments

In March, the Steering Group invited the Norfolk Estate and Angmering Park Estate, as the only owners of land within and adjoining the existing Built Up Area Boundary (BUAB) of the town (in Arun District and in the National Park), to outline their aspirations for making land available for future development. Renaissance Homes and Arun District Council  were also invited to submit their aspirations for sites in their ownership within the existing BUAB that it is known will be brought forward in the near future.

The information received in response informed the work of the Steering Group and its Task Teams in reviewing the made Neighbourhood Plan and in considering new policy ideas to discuss with the local community. It has essentially updated the Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) of August 2017 in the Arun DC area and the HELAA of 2016 for the South Downs National Park Authority area. During the process of investigating the information and reviewing the Plan, the task groups identified other potential land to consider. In all, 16 sites have been assessed with a view to giving them further consideration in the project.

Site Assessment Process

For the Steering Group meeting in July 2018, an assessment of the sites was undertaken to recommend which of the 16 sites can go forward for further consideration for housing and other uses in the Plan and which sites should be excluded.


The exclusionary criteria are:

  • Land is too small to consider as an allocation (< 6 dwellings) but may be considered as windfall if inside the BUAB

  • Land is unavailable in the plan period

  • Land is subject to an absolute policy designation preventing development,

    i.e. designated Local Green Space (as per NPPF §76)


Although there are many other policy designations that discourage or constrain development (e.g. BUAB, flood risk, heritage), they are not considered exclusionary at this stage, as all the land in and around the town is subject to one or more of these constraints.

Of the 16 sites, 5 have been excluded in line with the above criteria. A further 5 sites are land that has already been allocated by the Neighbourhood Plan for specific purposes.


The remaining six sites are new:

  • No.7 - Land adjacent Fitzalan Road Allotments

  • No.8 - Land off Fitzalan Road

  • No.9 - Land off A27 Roundabout

  • No.11- Tortington, west of Ford Road

  • No.15 - Industrial Units on Fitzalan Road

  • No.16 - Crown Yard


For all 16 sites, there is set out below the basic assessment information and the assessment conclusion to either take forward or to exclude. The six new sites will be consulted on during the next consultation exercise. A seventh – No. 13 ‘Blastreat/Greenhurst’ – will also be included to test opinion on the possibility of the existing allocation policy being modified.

After the consultation feedback has been received and analysed, draft site allocation policies will be prepared and assessed, along with any reasonable alternatives, as part of the separate Sustainability Appraisal process.

Final decisions on the number and nature of site allocations will be made in the Pre- Submission Neighbourhood Plan in the light of advice and guidance from the District Council on housing land supply as part of its Local Plan Review.

The table below summarise the 16 sites, to see the detailed site assessments, with individual site maps, please refer to the Initial Site Assessments Report.

NB - Click the map below to download a pdf version.

ANP2 - Sites to be assessed II.jpeg