The Arundel Neighbourhood Plan Steering committee is updating the 2014 Neighbourhood Plan sponsored by the Town Council.


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ANP1 to ANP2 - Draft Policies

Following the July SG meeting these draft policy ideas have emerged for informal consultation to the end of September.

The final list of policies will then form part of the Pre-Submission (ANP2) Plan later in the year for formal (Reg14) public consultation.


The draft policies have been derived from a review of the 2014 Arundel Neighbourhood Plan (ANP1), Steering Group meetings, Task Group reports on the four subject headings (Housing, Economy, Social Infrastructure and  Connectivity), initial engagement with the two major landowners (Norfolk Estate and Angmering Park Estate) as well as the Arundel design ideas developed by consultants LUC.

Some of the policies from ANP1 will be "Saved", which means that they will continue to apply in their current form. Thus they will not need to be repeated in ANP2 Policies (but will be included as an appendix for completeness).

The table below is a summary of the Draft Policies Scheduled for Informal Consultations.

Please also see the summary of the Initial Site Assessments